Ozone Generator Cum Washer

Ozone Generator Cum Washer takes ambient air & produces ozone at the outlet. This can use both for air & water application. Integrated Mobile cart is with built in oxygen concentrator to provide necessary feed gas. Integrated Mobile cart is very sturdy & long-lasting for all type of commercial & industrial use. It can easily be mobilized from one place to other. At the same time it can also be mounted on floor. The Integrated mobile cart is available in there different capacities i.e. 2,3,5,10,20,40 gm/hr.

Features :

  • Operating mode- continues mode/ one time mode
  • It is a plug & play type instrument
  • Small & light weight, easily movable from one place to another
  • It is required to be used daily depending on demand for 30-100 minutes a day, or more
  • Commercial & industrial Grade
  • Long Life
  • Built in Oxygen Concentrator 
  • Multiple Models to suit diversified requirements Export Quality 
  • Emergency Stop Button

Ozone Generator Cum Washer Application:

Major applications of air ozone generators are to reduce practically all kinds odor and disinfect air by destroying all airborne bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, spores etc. Ozone is a very strong oxidizing agent can quickly reduce air contaminations and pollution. Following are few of its application areas:

Air disinfection
Air Odor Control
VOC reduction
Reduce Sick Building Syndromes
Enhance Indoor Air Quality
Smoking lounges
Fire/Burning odor reduction

Sewage & Garbage odor reduction
OT & ICU disinfection
Air Fumigation
Clean room applications
Production, Packing & Storages
Cold rooms | cold storages.

Diversified Industrial Use:

Food Processing
Bakery & Confectionaries
Process | Packing
Storage | Cold Storages
R & D Labs
Medical & Health Care
Hotels | Resorts | Hospitality
Smoking Lounges

House Keeping | Tank Cleaning
Bar | Pubs | Restaurants | Clubs
Car & Bus coaches Cleaning
AHU Duct Cleaning & Disinfecting
Godown | Store Rooms
Clean Rooms
Corporate Offices
Schools | Collages
Shopping Malls 
Gym | Sports Clubs
Mosque | Temples | Churches

Mode of Operation:

As per different operation conditions & requirements, air ozone generators can be used in followings operating modes: 
One time Mode- In this mode when user presses START button, air ozone generator starts releasing ozone in air for preset time. After the end of this time ozone generator goes in to standby condition until again start button is pressed.

Continuous Mode – Under this mode after pressing START button, ozone generator starts generating ozone for preset time, after the lapse of this time, it goes in for standby (off) condition. Once off time is over it starts again and cycle repeats.

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